Im looking for a directory so that basically when a member has x amount of posts it enables them to upload their details to a directory.

For example if a DJ makes so many posts they can then upload their contact details to a directory so that can be a source of advertising for them as a thank you kind of thing for taking part in the forum.

Can or would anyone be willing to make this?

this would be nice one
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I will be honest i cant afford $xxx for this to be done, im looking at low to mid $xx however as it is a mod for mybb im quite happy to make the mod available for download on these forums meaning that it will have your link and will generate a lot of traffic to your site.

From the mod i need:
Everyone to be able to see it,
Only people with x amount of posts be able to upload their details,
I want it to run off the mybb database so that only 1 log on is needed.
And to be able to set up the directory categories from the mybb control panel.

If you think you can do this for me please pm me or contact me on msn at tony84 @
Would be a really nice mod. Smile

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes
Will take a look at this during the weekend Wink
thanks lex
I've worked a lil' bit on it already =P
What will you get:
* 10 Settings
[Status]; [MaxDimensions]; [MaxSize]; [UploadPath]; [HowManyPerPage]; [Allow HTML in info]; [Allow MyCode in info]; [Allow [img] in info], [MinPosts]; [Which Groups Don't Need An Admin Approval].
* New Link in your UCP, when you have enough posts, you will see this ( underneath the "Setup" will be your current 'submission' )
* To Do:
- Page where all approved submissions will be shown.
- ACP Page where you can approve the submissions + edit if needed.
Can this work with myps like 20 points for a link?
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Jag100 Wrote:Can this work with myps like 20 points for a link?

Ofcourse, but thats for later =P And there's only one submission per user at the moment
lex thats pretty amazing, im happy with the 1 submission per user - multiple submissions would be nice but in my case really isnt needed.

Just 1 thing - where it says name is it also possible to have forum username. And im not sure if thi can be done or not but due to the nature of my forum i dont really want people to be able to upload avater/ signature or banner, its not too much of a problem as i really do like what you have done but im just thinking if its possible. (I am extremely grateful though and i will make a donation albeit probably small for your help)

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