Is Mybb secure (even with MODs)?
I got a question, is Mybb secure? (P.S.: sorry if i placed this in the wrong forum)
Phpbb isn't secure because there are thousands of forums that are hacked.
I've heard on many websites that i don't may use Phpbb.
And they say that Phpbb is even easier to hack with MODs installed on a forum. So, before i'm gonna install Mybb on my website i want to know if Mybb is secure, and if the MODs for Mybb are secure too.
I want to install many MODs, so i want to know this.

Thank you... I hope someone will respond soon because i can't wait to install my mybb forum!
MyBB is almost 100% secure, no security problems have been reported in the past months.
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Well, if the person who wrote the mod failed to sanitise their input when it was going to be put into a database, then that could potentially open up a security hole. That would not be a MyBB fault however, as destroyer said, the MyBB core code is pretty watertight.

It's up to Mod authors to correctly program their mods to ensure that they don't inadvertently open up holes. All in all though, we haven't seen someone yet who has been hacked via a mod (unless they were using an outdated version) so you're pretty safe.

If you don't trust mods, don't use them or write your own.
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