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Hello i have a simple question.. i am making a second forum, and i would like to bring my userbase also on my second forum... . i know i can't share the same datbase (since they are in 2 different domain) but i would like to use my userbase as a starting point..

So .. i upped the new forum.. and imported

Everything seems to be working..users can log ina and such.... only problem is ...when i look at how may people are registered it shows...1 (me as admin...) how can i fix this?... what table should i import??

You mean the member list or the stats at the bottom?

You could try running a "Recount & Rebuild" from your forums Admin CP. It's once of the options in the menu down the left hand side.
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THANK YOU very very much.. i never noticed that one Wink thanks again...GREAT SUPPORT for a GREAT BB!!

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