Well, I've tried all of the suggestions posted and I'm still having problems with this logout issue. I've been experimenting with the default template just to make sure no 3rd party templates errors were creepig in but nothing I've tried seems to make any difference. I get the brief screen that says I'm logged out but then it takes me right back to the forum as still being logged in. And yes, even if I clear the cookies it still says I'm logged in so it's not impossible as one user commented. Just as an FYI the lengthy suggestions with the included code do not exactly match what is presented in the latest PHPBB version so that may be part of the problem I'm having making the necessary corrections but I did the best I could.

Also, any fix to a program that forces the user to change code or constantly flush his or her cache/cookies or whatever to get a basic feature to work properly is a BUG and should be fixed/patched by the devs and not the users.
If you can't follow a simple instruction on how to update your templates ... and all "those" changes are for your own security. And i would bet that your cookiesettings are incorrect =P
LeX- Wrote:If you can't follow a simple instruction on how to update your templates ... and all "those" changes are for your own security. And i would bet that your cookiesettings are incorrect =P

Simple? Where's uid located? It is not in the code. Why don't you have a look next time before you open you're mouth. I can figure it out but for new users coming here looking for a solution... I know what the changes are for and if it's a security issue it should be patched. And my cookie settings are correct. Who is this guy?

Oh, tks for the help.
I have done everything this thread has told me to do. My cookie settings are correct but the issue still remains.

Thanks to a kind member here ( LeX) my issue has been resolved.
MrDoom Wrote:***edit***
The third reason could relate to your cookie settings. Either, the Cookie settings for a forum have been changed so that they no longer correspond to the cookies you have stored so that when you click logout, MyBB is attempting to remove cookies which don't exist.

Or, you have some cookies remaining from a previous session (when the Cookie settings were different) and also a set of cookies for this session (with the new cookie settings). In this case, MyBB will clear your new cookies, but not the old ones so you will appear unable to logout.

In both situations, the best solution is to clear the cookies in your browser.

Deleting cookies? Isn't it possible to do better than this in future Mybb versions? I mean sometimes people have more than once instance open and when you log out, the other instances should no longer function and not look like they are logged in still with userid still visible on the index page.

If you have more than one instance open and manually remove your Cookie, all instances will be logged out on the next page refresh. That was saying that you may have logged in previously and then the Admin has changed the cookie settings to something else meaning that you have some Cookies which MyBB cannot clear by itself due to the information in the cookie not matching the information MyBB is expecting. Not a lot can be done about that TBH.
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Thank you for this information, it worked brilliantly. Smile
OK I'm getting the same log out issues I had when I first installed my board.

I made the upgrade two days ago and now I'm getting this error message again:

Quote:Your user ID could not be verified to log you out. This may have been because a malicious Javascript was attempting to log you out automatically. If you intended to logout, please click the Logout button at the top menu.

The FIRST thing I did was come here, look for a solution. I found this topic, all the code changes etc.
Unfortunately, my default template and the one I'm using is NOT showing the code suggested to be changed!

Tikitiki helped me the last time and I really wish I knew what he did so I don't have to bother anyone again for this issue.

It was working fine until the upgrade too.
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