Update your templates <_< they still contain &sid=....
OK, now at the risk of sounding like an idiot (lol done!)
I am not so sure what you mean?

Just look for all instances in all my templates that say &sid= and remove that bit?
Or just the templates mentioned on the first page's directions?

My problem is that according to the directions on the first page, that code to look for doesn't exist as shown. At worst, I'm too stupid to find them. Sorry.

This is my first mybb board and unfortunately I'm learning as I go along and this is someone who's learning knowing nothing about code. It might as well be Chinese to me.
Apply these changes >
LeX- Wrote:Apply these changes >

Those are the exact instructions I was trying to follow that I mention. Those codes are not in my templates as they show there.

The very first post says it needs to HAVE the sid bit and you're saying it needs to be gone. I dont' get it , I'm really really sorry for sounding so dense.

I can give you admin access to my board if you want. But that code just isn't there.

Or, I can paste the two templates here for you and you highlight in red what I need to change?
Just replace the whole content of it; you don't need the SID in it; since you have that at the moment and it aint working. logoutkey is needed! ; but if you have a temp admin account; i can take a look. ( i already registered just change my group )


Its your Theme (Blue Night mkportal) ... i can logout fine with the MyBB Default Theme (which has logoutkey in it); apply the changes in the Template Set used by Blue Night mkportal.
Lex, I made you admin. Please do it for me, I am afraid to touch that core stuff because I fear crashing the board.

Trust me, I put my members through enough with that phpbb junk!
don't ask! Sad
Should be fixed.
Lex I cannot thank you enough!
I can't seem to login or out at all. Argh, it's quite annoying!
Thanks to this sticky post. All is back to normal. Worked perfect for me.

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