hi i need to know about this setting im using mybb 1.2.12 board but i setup
alexander_theme my master style theme and also (Default), i also set Simple_Blue,green and red as a Default style mod my problem is when i set my theme option mybb (Default) provided by installation soft i can easily logout but when i set this theme i got eroro massage i cant log out. hear i saw only given instruction about mybb1.2.8. If i set this setting all of my theam is it work or i have to change something new plz let me know coz i want to use all the them i installed,

NB - when i install thous theme i set Ignore Version Compatibility yes but i still have this log out problem
@ bold_handsome: You need to follow DennisTT's post (second post in this thread) from what you've described, that should fix your problem.
There are also instructions for 1.2.7 and earlier themes in his post.
one of my members pointed out that she could not log out.. and i found out i had this issue. after a short search here, found this, applied the code-chances as told, and things are working again!!

so, thanks!
I have just updated to the latest build.
I noticed this error when I went to log out.I did however see that I can log out successfully using the MyBB log out.I am getting the error when using the MKPortal log out.

Now I know this isn't support for MKPortal but I saw someone had a similar issue since having MKPortal involved.
I feel there really is no error with MyBB but with all the updates, MKPortal got left behind ( not that MyBB is to blame ) so change is needed.

Anyone who has MyBB with MKPortal able to help me out with this.
I see that I need to make changes to my MKPortal template but just not sure what and where.

Thanks in advance Smile

I found a temp fix.Must have missed it or overlooked when I searched MKPortal support.
For anyone who runs into the MyBB/MKPortal issue check here:
I am having the problem AND have followed the instructions as follows:

Followed and have verfied
  • MyBB version is 1.2.12
  • This is an initial install. No previous versions predate this.
  • Template is named Lagniappe. Don't know what version it was created for.
  • Found and replaced the sections of code indicated in
  • Verified my cookie settings. My board is installed at so my Cookie Domain is and my Cookie Path is /family/
  • Completely cleared my cache (including all cookies and temporary internet files) in IE7. Closed all browser pages, opened new browser, verified that there were no cookies on disk, relogged into MyBB. Still could not log out.

Does it appear that I have missed a step or a fix? The URL to my logout button is

Anyone point me in the right direction? I've tried to be a good boy and follow all the instructions I've read here on the boards.

Hi, i got a problem with login and logout also.
Read all the threads here, checked my cookie paths and so on, everything seems to be allright.
Standard template, only some plugins (but didn't work before installed them either).
So i made some changes as described here and i could login then, but not logout Rolleyes
Then, my forum is integrated into another site. Login works from there, but users will automatically get logged out after every new posting. Re-login only works through external login, direct login doesn't work.
It must be something with the cookies, but can't explain myself what's going wrong.

Thanks for any help.
What's your forum URL?
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
DennisTT Wrote:What's your forum URL? or
DennisTT Wrote:What's your forum URL?

If you need an admin account, let me know and I'll PM you the details.
quick feedback.

This worked great!

thank you guys! *thumbs up*[/u]

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