I still have that problem. I've changed all the codes but still the same. This is the link of the forum. Please check it out. Thanx
Can some please help? Check my forum and try to figure out where the problem is. The same goes for Authorisation code mismatch too.
I couldn't find the code in changeuserbox for my template.
What version of Mybb are you running and what version was the theme designed for?
omg, I can't logout in FF with these changes and can't login via IE or get past the portal page with them. What have I got myself into.

EDIT: Fixed the problem. For some reason the portal redirect mod was causing me the problem. I uninstalled that and then tried it again and it worked
hellmet Wrote:I couldn't find the code in changeuserbox for my template.
I followed the directions as posted and had no further difficulties. Perhaps I can assist you? Do you want me to login to your admin account and fix it for you? Give me a temp pwd to do so. Let me know if you want my email address. Cheers, Ed in Columbus.
I had tried everything, but it was this code that worked,

-Thanks very much, Patrick
Whatever happened to the use of "find updated" in admincp? That worked well for previous versions. Is there just a bug with 1.2.12 that hasn't been fixed? I have yet to upgrade and have the logout key added. Shouldn't this be fixed already?
Well I cant seem to fix it on our boards. Noone can logout unless they clear cookies each time they want to.
I cannot seem to fix the problem either. I have replaced the the code an no affect.
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