How can i delete plugin ?
hello everyone,
i tried to install "Mouseover thread preview" but i took a error and i gave up ... but problem is that "now it s in Board Settings page and i can t delete or use it" what should i do to delete it complately ? thank you very much ... Smile
go in to your admin panel, Board Settings > Plugin Manager > and deactivate it.

Then FTP to your site, go to inc/plugins and find the plugin and delete it there.

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i think i couldn t explain well...

it s looking like i didn t activeted it ... it s not active but a property appeard on Board Settings page.... now it s looking like it s not active but actually it s active ... i wanna delete it from Board Settings page and also from all forum... Sad thanks
i just saw something ... i deleted it near settings Big Grin i m sorry i didn t see it before "delete settings group" ...

now i m wondering something ; how can i be sure if this plugin's codes on my froum or not ? thanks Smile
FTP into inc/plugins and delete the plugin file. Most plugins don't make code modifications so your code shouldn't be affected.
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