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Hiker Oasis
I'll take the shameless plug for my new site using MYBB.

I have a couple other forums but for this site it is the first time using MYBB and I have a feeling the others will be converted to MYBB, so Kudos on this software.

My site is the default theme right now, but I will be modifying it soon. I know the importance of getting links to your site out there as soon as possible, so thats what i'm doing hereToungue

My site is called Hiker Oasis and it deals with backpacking and hiking.
Nothing against the default theme but it would be better to set yourself above that. Smile
Could use a theme but the topic choice is quite good Smile
[Image: jag100sigaf5.jpg]
[Image: poptartFINALTINY.gif]
Can only echo what others have said, good topic for a site, however could do with a little customisation

Free computer support @
I echo as well. Toungue

Customize it first, then get the links out. Wink So you don't have everyone telling you that you need a better theme! Smile

Good luck on the site!

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes
Yeah I know, I expected these comments on the default design lol

But having started a few communities, I feel its best to get the site known and indexed as fast as possible. If you don't get people active right away in the first few weeks to a month the chances of having a successful community go way down IMO. Having said all that and know Google will crawl the sites I put links on, I can start working on moving away from the default template. I will post in this thread when I change the template and design in the next week or so.Toungue
Big Grin 
Ok I'm done or close to it with my design. Please critique and be honest I can take it lol. I think my buttons arn't all that great, what do others think? I want the site to be easy to read, navigate and look at, so I don't want to get to fancy.

Also google did get to my site yesterday for a crawl Smile This was the first place I ever posted my link.

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