adding template variablle
Hi, may i know which part of the file or table must i amend to add in a new template variable like{welcomeback} ??
What and Where ( on what page or global )
Like for example, {$welcomeback} points to template->member_welcomeback.

How do i create a similar variable like the above for me to use in my template ? I have created a new template already but i need to know how to use a variable to point to it.
eval("\$VARIABLE = \"".$templates->get("TEMPLATE_NAME")."\";");

After that you can use {$VARIABLE} to show it.
May i know which file should i put that line in if i wish to add a variable to the template-> header ??
Open global.php

eval("\$header = \"".$templates->get("header")."\";");

Add yours above
I go try now ! Thanks !!

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