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I'm a real newbie in all of this and I need help in creating a template that will look like this:
[Image: templatemq2.jpg]
I want the left side boxes to appear on all the pages of the forum (index page; list of threads; inside a thread; post).
And I want the right side boxes to appear only on the index page and the list of threads, and instead of them, inside the thread pages something else will appear (like ads or something).
I saw theres a side boxes mod, but its only for one side and only on the index page.

Thanks in advance.
Not Solved

You probably want something like that and then modify it for your needs? I haven't actually tried the theme so don't know if it will show on pages other than the index.

MkPortal may also work good for you and would probably be a lot less work Wink.
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The problem is I don't know how to modify it...

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