Getting Spammed - Need A "Cannot post links unitl you have made xx posts" Mod
Akismet for MyBB:
I have submitted a copule of ideas that will help prevent spam, i would surely love it if you could review them and vote for them as they are fantastic ideas.
I have never understood why people insist on other making a plugin for them to make easier than the 2-3 steps that are involved in using the existing mybb features and plugins.

C'mon man...don't be lazy. I gave you 100% instructions how you can EASILY accomplish the task you describe exactly. It would take you 10 minutes MAX to set this up and yet you would rather someone build you a plugin from scratch that might require hours of coding? That's lazy and insulting.
labrocca Wrote:All you need do is setup a group that has the access you allow after 50 posts. Change the registered group to be restricted without html or mycode access...make it a very limited group if you want.

Then use this module:

Blam...your request filled.

hi, thanks for your input, i looked in the admin cp and under manage groups there is no option to enable or disable html or mycode, is there a mod required for these fields? if so can the same be done for access to mycode in signitures? thanks in advance
Dang are right and groups don't have permissions settings for html.

I think 1.4 may have more permissions for groups. You have to confirm this with mybb staff though.

Sorry sir..I thought you could add the restrictions to a group.
i am tired of being spammed. this sucks real bad, i think i might move over to vb if i cant get this fixed soon. anyone experienced in modding want to earn a quick 20-30 bucks?
I am working on this now, but I've had a few problems. Right now it only stops you from viewing links until they have x amount of posts.

sirtokealot Wrote:i am tired of being spammed. this sucks real bad, i think i might move over to vb if i cant get this fixed soon. anyone experienced in modding want to earn a quick 20-30 bucks?

It's worse with VB for spam. I suggest you use the Akismet module that Tikitiki wrote. Exactly what type of spam are you having?
i have the askimet spam control also spam central - so 1 click and its gone, i also use a program called linksleuth to scan my site - its free and the best one i have tried - reccomend this to every member here,
the problems i am having are that some of my forums have to enable html and mycode so we can share videos and stuff. only i am allowed to post outbound links because i am working on my serps at the minute. there are currently 2 spam problems, 1st is signiture spam - (i do spam my own forum using my admin username with 1 link to my other funny page, but its a PR5 page with a recpricol link back) and 2nd is the spammer finding html allowed forums and just botting the hell out of them.

all i need is either a plugin that will add 2 extra fields to the "group settings" page within the admin cp
the fields would be -
1. access to html, mycode in forums - tickbox for yes/no
2. access to html, mycode in signiture - tickbox for yes/no
3. can post their homepage in profile - tickbox for yes/no
this way all my members that are in the default group have limited access and if i want to promote someone to a group with more privleges it can be done manually.


a plugin that will automatically check the post count and disable the feature until the users post count gets to a set ammount.

which ever is easiest. i have 30 bucks via western union to who ever can get this working.
just found this thread, it is quite intresting given the current topic, what do you think? could this be part of a larger anti spam mod -

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