TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor Plugin ?
Would anyone be interested in a TinyMCE plugin? TinyMCE is an open source editor that is used in many web apps including Wordpress.

I know there is already a WYSIWYG Editor from ecardmax.com for MyBB. It's awesome and I use it. But if you use the free HotEditor for MyBB from ecardmax.com, you have to keep their credit line below the text editor. So I was wondering if anyone is interested in this open source alternative?

I'm already almost done with customizing it for my own MyBB powered site.. I may be able to release it if enough people want it.


Basically what this plugin should be able to do is to replace the current editor with the TinyMCE editor. Included with a custom plugin will be a plugin for TinyMCE that converts the HTML into BBCode at output. (How cool is that? plugin within a plugin)
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if you release it would be great news at least for me.Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

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i have tinymce with mine at the moment (installing easyspell plugin for it at the moment) and i had to add it manually to the template, if you could do it through a plugin would be much better Wink

I'd love to see the TinyMCE plugged into MyBB.
yeahgo ahead.I also have a testboard (locked away from public) where i am playing with this.I just modified there official bbcode plugin to fit MyBB it works mostly still i am unsure how do you know it's safe ? and don't mention things like wordpress that is one of the most insecure packages availible today.Every month i see atleast one new wp exploit ....
Sorry for the bump,
I don't know why you think Tinymce is insecure, is there a source that I can take a look at?

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