MyBB and 2008 Compatibility Information (PHP 5)
MyBB currently runs on all versions of PHP from 4 through to the very latest builds of version 5. This means for us, as developers, we need to be writing a lot of additional code which is unnecessary due to features provided by future releases.

PHP 5 was released three years ago and we've kept built in support for PHP 4 because web hosts have been slack and not upgraded to newer releases. At the end of this year, however, the PHP Group will officially drop support for PHP 4. That means we will be too.

As of our first new feature releases of MyBB after February 2008, MyBB will be PHP 5.2+ compatible only.

MyBB 1.4, when released, will support PHP 4 and all future maintenance releases of MyBB 1.4 (1.4.1 etc) will also work correctly with PHP 4.

This is an important move for us, we've got lots of legacy code which would run faster with newer native PHP 5.2 compatibility. PHP 5 has many benefits to you, as well, it's faster and opens up plugin & modification opportunities even further.

Our MySQL version requirements will remain the same, although we will be recommending MySQL 5.1 for installations of MyBB.

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To clear up a slight amount of confusion:

MyBB 1.4, our upcoming feature release, will work correctly with PHP 4. Maintenance releases such as MyBB 1.4.1, 1.4.2 etc will also work correctly with PHP 4.

All new feature releases after February 2008 will support PHP 5.0 onwards.

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