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MyPlaza v0.5 (Beta)
Today, I'm proud to announce the release of MyPlaza v0.5.
(for those who don't know what this is, see here for more information)

The beta version
After nearly two months in alpha/preview stage, MyPlaza has finally arrived at a beta release.
The beta release(s) will be more aimed at fixing bugs, glitches and the like, as well as tidying up various things, rather than adding new features.
This beta release has been tested on serveral configurations, so should be much more stable than previous alpha releases (in which, I've typically done no testing).

To give you an idea of how big, and how much effort has gone into this project, I'd like to mention that this plugin contains over 16,000 lines of (IMO condensed) code (about 560KB of code). I have yet to see a MyBB plugin which even reaches half that length... In fact, MyPlaza is larger than some forum systems out there.
But MyPlaza isn't just about lots of features. In fact, the number of features was a minor concern during development. My three primary considerations in developing MyPlaza were speed, security and extensibility.
Still, there's simply too many features that MyPlaza has, to list here. You can find a summary of the features here.

v0.5 update
This v0.5 update primarily focuses on speed improvements and bug/compatibility fixes. A detailed changelog can be found here (yes, I've decided to start detailing more things, rather than the highly summarized changelogs I used to write Toungue)

New MyPlaza Wiki
I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the new MyPlaza wiki, on which, I'll hopefully be able to document various aspects of MyPlaza (if I find the time). Also, priority support will be given to users who post at the MyPlaza forums (support will still be given here).

MyPlaza has largely been a one man job, except for those who've helped report bugs in the alpha development stage.
If you're willing to help in any way, I'd love any extra support I can get, whether it's beta testing, code profiling or writing up or pointing out mistakes in the documentation.
Thanks in advance to anyone who wishes to contribute!

Lastly, I'd like to thank a number of members here for their wonderful support on this project, including fardly83, Jag100, jcay, leealex, Soshite and anyone else I forgot to mention.
And of course, props to the MyBB Group for the forum in the first place!

The MyPlaza download can be found at the MyPlaza website.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Incredibly complex plugin sir. Congrats on release.
labrocca Wrote:Incredibly complex plugin sir. Congrats on release.
Thanks labrocca!

Just added a live testing forums link to the first post.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Even more impressive. Congrats. I hope you continue to make it grow.
i am so going to use this when my new site is done.
wow man, I'll need to take a deep look into it
but looks professional
Official Arabic Translator.
Very good work!! Big Grin
[Image: destroyerjf8.jpg]

Give us your feedback about MyBB in this thread and become listed on the MyBB website.
Does it have the option of buying an image or a downloadable link? Or is that in the works to be added?

If I post in your thread, please do not PM me for more help! Thanks!

WoW looks great will install this when fully released
Thanks for the kind comments everyone?

judel Wrote:Does it have the option of buying an image or a downloadable link? Or is that in the works to be added?
Huh? Sorry, don't understand what you're trying to ask there.
Um, MyPlaza, by itself, is like a nutshell. It's a system where you can extend through modules, similar to the MyBB plugin system. From what I can make of, that will never come standard with MyPlaza.
However, I'm sure you could write up your own module for MyPlaza which can do what you want. Smile

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