Discuss: MyBB 1.2.10 Released - Maintenance Release
All of the bug links lead to a no permissions page. Did I do something wrong?

Also, the header for that bug list is fixed since 1.2.7?
becuase it's all archived in stuff members forum, so you are only allowed to view this topics for now
Official Arabic Translator.
updated now, and converted db from latin1 to utf-8 success
Official Arabic Translator.
Update process went out flawless Smile
Looking forward to 1.4 Big Grin
Thank you
updating now
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That's correct. Previous bug threads have been privately archived.
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Thanks, updating now.
Thanks a lot!
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waiting for 1.4!!
If you are having problems with the upgrade/install, please post it in the General Support forum.
This thread is only to discuss the release itself.
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