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This is a site dedicated to the discussion and sharing of audience and band certified recordings. It is my pride and joy. I am using a wonderful style called Crispy Clean by MyBB Themes as well. My logo is a bit outdated and needs some improvement which I hope to get help with soon but other than that Everyone really likes it. So be sure to stop by and check it out and say hello.
Kindest regards,
Nice looking forum and the great theme by the Queen of Themes, FirefoxWiz! I agree with you though. The logo needs work. It also looks like you have a great start on a user base. Great job!
Looks good. Smile

Jaysun Wrote:The logo needs work.
Are you looking at the new one or the old one? I made a new one for him. Wink

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes
I just added the new one a few moments ago FirefoxWiz so it must have been my old one. Looks great though.
Kindest regards,
The new one is better than the old one but I don't care much for it.

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