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Does anyone know if there is a mod for Mybb that allows Administrators and Moderators to see deleted posts and threads?

Say if a user created a thread or made a post, then deleted it would it be possible to allow staff to review the content.

By default when threads/posts are deleted you can no longer view them or access them, even admins and other staff are unable to.

I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I got confused and didn't know where to ask.Wink
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You might want to check out this page...

It may help open your eyes as to what's available for you, then if what you're wanting isn't there, ask in the Requests forum. Smile
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destroyer Wrote:

I already have checked the mods section, also I have that plugin installed already but it doesn't do what I'm looking for.

What I'm trying to say is while deleted threads get moved to another forum and closed it doesn't show edited content.

In case someone slips up and edits their post or deletes it, I want it still listed in the actual forum/thread itself allowing original content to be viewed by staff.

I know vbulletin and other forums have this feature by default. Others would know what I'm referring to if they have ever administered a vbulletin forum.

This would let me know which members to keep an eye on to decide if they will be trouble.

The trash can forum is a great mod and I am currently using it, just not exactly what I am looking for or referring to.

I've already reviewed nearly all the mods available for Mybb in the mods section but couldn't find what I was looking for.

There are two other mods available for vbulletin forum I had listed in another thread that Mybb doesn't have and would make Administering a forum easier. Unfortunately mods are lacking for Mybb that I need.

I wish I could code so I could do them myself, but coding is out of my league.

I'm sorry if I have annoyed anyone, and I know I've created many threads and posts but I'm new to this and am trying to learn.

If I am annoying anyone it wasn't my intention to.Smile
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In other words - you're looking for something to keep an update history / log all edits?
And perhaps a modification to the trash can forum to show where the post/forum came from (short of looking through logs)?
The main issue for a edit history is space - every time someone edits a large post, another copy has to be made.
A modification to the trash can forum - I can't believe would be too difficult.

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