Attachments like vbulletin
i like to have a mybb plugin so when u in the forumdisplay pages so u can just click the attachment icon and it will popup with all the attachments which are in that thread
How does that work?
Web browsers are generally designed to only accept one download at a time.

I suppose vBulletin ZIPs up the content first?
No, it doesn't download them all, just lists them all Toungue
Click on the paperclip beside the threads. Only two thread there have attachments as far as I can tell

I never use it though, seems unnecessary
Ahh I see.

Sounds rather useless too... >_>
I mean, attachments don't have much meaning without posts Toungue
well if there is heaps of images as attachments but u have to kept going through pages with this u can just access the attachments

as well u can also download the attachments strait from the popup like vb

i Reckon it will come in handy
can some one plz code this

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