Discuss: MyBB Merge System 1.0 RC1 Released
nitemare Wrote:when you merge or convert a forum does it simply copy the information to the new database, or does it delete the old information

It does not modify or delete any data from the forum you are converting from
will you be adding woltlab burning board 3
Massacre Wrote:will you be adding woltlab burning board 3

Perhaps for a future release
Hello, I have to carry out this merge for someone. I've had a dummy run by importing their forum onto my web host (luckily they have the same web host) and all went well. So now I have to do it for real. I have one question.

The current phpbb forum is in a folder named 'forum'
I shall upload and complete the merge in a new folder before going live.
Once I have completed the merge I assume all I have to do is re-name the the new folder to 'forum' and give the old 'forum' folder a different name until such time as I delete it. Is that right? Will I have to make any changes to the config file?
I can not wait until you release the SMF version of this, I got 2 SMF boards anxious to switch to MyBB Big Grin
You're right about renaming the folders.

And I'm guessing you don't have to edit the config file. If yes, you can easily edit it afterwards...
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Thanks destroyer Big Grin
Sorry to be a pain - but will the cookies need changing? If so is there any other way to do so other than through the admin panel?
You can log into the admin panel directly (/admin/) both the Board URL and the cookies will need to be changed if you change your forum path
It worked perfectly Big Grin But let me tell you what I forgot to do before it did (where's the blushing smiley when you need one) I forgot to change the url in the admin panel to reflect the new folder, took me a while to figure out why it didn't work. But it's a lesson learned Wink

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