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Ah you know I could have sworn I did when I first signed up. I have now
Was this spurred on by my avatar-related site hacking? :[
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Thanks fore the heads up folks.
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Tikitiki Wrote:
Swoggy Wrote:
MrDoom Wrote:No, the archive on the MyBB site was patched so all new downloads will contain the patched code.
Are you saying that if I upgrade my current myBB 1.2.9 to v1.2.10 it will include this most recent patch?
Of course
Unless I'm missing something here, inc/functions_upload.php is not in the upgrade to 1.2.10, so if you're using the changed files download to upgrade from 1.2.9 to 1.2.10, you will still need to download this security update and upload to your forum. Just in case anyone is confused. I'm guessing only the full archive was updated with this new patch.

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Thanks for pointing that out judel, I'll tell Chris.
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No problem. I just noticed it a few minutes ago when I finally upgraded another forum! LOL

If I post in your thread, please do not PM me for more help! Thanks!

sasastro Wrote:I don't seem to have received an email re this patch. Found it by checking today's post. I'm patched now

You should have received the mail by now. There's usually a small delay.
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