[Discuss] MyBB 1.2.12 Released - Security and Maintenance Release
If you just navigate to /install/ with your browser it will tell you that it recommends you upgrade instead of install a new forum, which is what you want to do. Less typing involved. Wink
Then simply ensure the right version is selected in the drop down box, and click next a few times. Big Grin
update done here without any problem till now Big Grin
Official Arabic Translator.
Thank you very much, you are reply for me very fast Wink

And, i finished Smile
Sorry, because English not good
I appreciate it folks. Thanks for update and security patching.
Kindest regards,
waiting for you mybb 1.4

Wow, it looks like you guys have been busy.

Haven't looked too much into the exploit, but from a quick glance, it doesn't seem like too much damage can be done from it... Especially when MySQL doesn't allow multiple queries (except in the case of mysqli_multi_query, which MyBB doesn't use).
It's certainly far less dangerous than the exploits patched by 1.2.11.

Somewhat surprised to see the CSRF protection checks in 1.2.12 though - nice!
Tickhi Wrote:waiting for you mybb 1.4

Providing that there are no more security threats are found, there won't be any further additions to the 1.2 series.
All of our focus is on releasing 1.4 when it is ready.
1.2.12 to 1.4: upgrade or new install ?
Sorry, because English not good
killed Wrote:1.2.12 to 1.4: upgrade or new install ?
We wouldn't force members to start their forums from scratch, of course it will be upgrade.

This thread is intended to discuss only the release of 1.2.12 - for support, please post in the General Support forum (link given in initial post of this thread) or for questions regarding 1.4, there are already numerous threads here about it, pick one and post it in there.
MyBB will almost definitely provide some transition tool from 1.2 to 1.4.
Apart from that, there shouldn't be much a difference between upgrading or completely installing Toungue

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