Not Solved Css Menu Problem
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I have got a problem.

How do you do css menu on this Community Forum.That is to say; "Downloads Page" preview
[Image: 43235003eq1.gif]

"Community Forum Page" preview
[Image: 78377100gr4.gif]

can you say this ? Rolleyes
I think this isn't impossible in forum pages.That is to say, it's to be independent forum pages.

Thank you.
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I'm confused.

What forum pages do you want it on?

for example help, you would want it white and then when it's not have it regular?
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I want to menu 'same as this menu' is it possible ?
Not Solved
you can learn how to do that from looking in their source code of the CSS and HTML and after you get how to do that come to here again with a specific quetion

Good Luck!
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um isn't it just rollover images?

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