How to change hosts successfully
(2020-05-13, 07:24 AM)Crazycat Wrote: Most of the linux distributions have sshd enable by default, and sshd integrates a sftp (ftp over ssh) server.
If not, just connect via ssh and install ftp server using the usual commands (like sudo apt-get)

Yes I got it now....worked with FileZilla Cool Big Grin Big Grin
I was moving my site from old host to new host, and I am a beginner. I made some research at few different websites including what is written here. It help me a lot. Like to thank author Inferno for the help.
At first I find it quite hard as I am not that techie in MyBB.

So i made my own tutorial with little bit more details as how I got my site to works on new host.

Please click here for my tutorial, might help other newbies like me.
Hello everyone.
I started mybb on localserver now i got hosting and domain. I have done everyting in this thread (read all pages in search of answers).
I disabled Gzip in ACP
I tried exporting through myBB tools and from phpmyadmin (tried gziop and plain text modes
I edited Config.php and Settings.php
I disabled plugins

im using mybb v1.8.24
wint PHP 7.4 and mysql 5.7

But nothing helps.

I get a blank page if i open my domain and i get "MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue." if i open

So i SOLVED the ISSUE with blank index page. It appeared to be the index.html to be the problem. In my local host index.php had a higher priority and html file was ignored. On real host index.html had a higher priority.. so i deleted it and homepage works.
Interesting.  Assuming you imported from a mybb backup in Tools/Maintenance.  That'd be ok, but you need to create a blank mybb database on your host first.  The rest makes sense.

Don't see where the index.html came from - either in the admin folder or mybb root.  Unless placed there by something other than mybb?  Curious about that.


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