How to change hosts successfully
grandgoodel Wrote:NO.
I have a website and i created the database and username i imported the database and still not works.
if someone can help me please send me a PM.
Can you give me a link to your website?
I attempted this procedure and got the page opening right as well but when I click on AdminCP it takes me to the old host's adminCP, did I miss some changes in ./inc/settings.php or ./inc/config.php file?
If you type in your new domain address followed by /admin then you will be directed to the new Admin CP.
Then change (in your settings) the board URL to the new URL, and the other options of a similar nature, obviously.

I think that will fix your problem.

Before doing so, ensure all files are correctly CHMOD'ed. Smile
Thanks friend, it is working proper now.
what if I am moving to another server and upgrading to a new version as well, would I need to select all when making the back up?
You do exactly the same thing as described in this thread and then follow the upgrading instructions which can be found in our Wiki.
aright thanks great tutorial.

I have another question, my FTP client brings doesnt seem to be able to copy the whole forum folder like indicated before, how do I get around this?
Try a new FTP client?
Alternatively, find out how to do it with your current FTP client. There probably is a way to do it and you've overlooked something. Check some help files or at their website. Smile
thanks for the advice, I was using filezilla and it was limiting me so I got smartFTP and works much better, thanks!

I just had a quick question for learning puposes Smile , why do I need to transfer files and import mysql as well? I mean if I copy the files shouldnt that do the trick? jsut wondering, thanks again!
Think of the files as a human body. It's great. But what makes it special is the brain (database/MySQL). So you need to copy the body and brain over to the new host for it to be the exact same person. Smile

So if you just copy the files; none of your posts, members, threads, profiles, etc will be copied onto the new server.

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