[center] tag not working!!
Previously it was working like as it should have been...


Now it works only with alignments!!!.....it has been used thousands of times already in my forum!!! How to fix it?

I have searched here too without getting any solution....if anyone can please help me.
IIRC, [center] is not a default tag.

You must have had a custom MyCode, but deleted it.
You can easily re-add it however - just go to your AdminCP -> Custom MyCodes.
Add the following:
Name: Center tag (or whatever you like)
Regular Expression:
<div style="text-align: center;">$1</div>
lol....thanks....but I just figured out why it happened(richeditor issue)...

Still thanks again
The code is:
[align=center]center this stuff[/align]
Dennis Tsang
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wow.. it's work!!
thx bro ZiNgA BuRgA

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