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Your Assistance Is Needed
Well I will be switching my forum from phpbb to mybb. Now I downloaded FlashFXP. Now what do I enter for the URL/Server part?
That's an FTP program, isn't it?

We can't provide support for every FTP program there is, sorry. You'll need to find some help files on that program. Smile
We (or I may be more appropriate/suitable) surely can direct you to what you need, if you give us/me the name of the program you are using. If you are having trouble indentifying what the details are:

Your URL is usually:
Your password is what you have set it to.

To determine this you will have to access your admin panel (NOT through your software. Ie. PhpBB/CMS).

If you are running off a host where you had no interaction uploading files you have more than likely signed up for a free host.

If that is the case, you may want to try Create MyBB. It is a free MyBB forum host. Unfortunately, that road will not enable you to convert your posts/users to the board.
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If I get a backup of the database will I be able to transfer my posts/members over?

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