MyBB Development Blog Launches
I'm proud to announce the launch of the official MyBB Development Blog, a blog put together by the MyBB Group to cover MyBB Development and other related happenings at the MyBB Group.

We hope to keep the blog fairly active and we’ve got quite a few posts planned already:
  • Extensive MyBB 1.4 Control Panel Overview
    A series of posts which will contain a full overview of the MyBB 1.4 Admin CP including many screenshots, feature overviews and our design and technical decisions.
  • Advanced Plugin Development Tips & Tricks
    A few tips and tricks for getting the most out of the MyBB Plugin System.
  • Regular MyBB Tips and Tricks
    Ranging from security related tips and tricks right through to uncovering some of the more hidden features and customising your copy of MyBB.
  • Behind the Scenes
    A look at how things happen behind the scenes with MyBB, including our development process.
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