Discuss: MyBB Merge System 1.0 RC2 Released
Thanks Tikitiki,Thanks Mybb team.

It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to ask.

sory for my english .
Thanks Tikitiki and developers for this Tool

all ppl I can I suggest to convert to Mybb script, it´s an awesome free software
Very nice!

Any plans in development to convert wowbb boards? Wink
I have two forums I am looking at converting to myBB (although I need to load test it first). I note that the latest version of Invision Board - IP.Board 2.3.x is not on the list, which is what both these forums are currently running. Can this be added to the queue?

Hey another announcement Big Grin

BTW, Great Release!!!!
Great converter WinkBig Grin
Converted the whole smf 1.14 forum to phpbb3 and then to mybb and it is working great
Just had to alter som things to get it to work
Keep on the Good work
hi willem2, would you like to share what you did for SMF? I think if you share it, that would help TikiTiki speed up the works on the rest of the converters.

just a thought.

We already have a prototype for the SMF converter (and most of the other converters on the list to-do) through the beta testing we had a while ago. They just basically needs to be removed of bugs and tweaked a bit (although Tikitiki will probably say it's a lot more than that Toungue)
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gr8 job tikitiki ! thank you very much for this converter and for helping me with the errors from phpbb 2 -mybb convertor! i am glad i waited ! now i can convert phpbb 3 - mybb without the need to convert phpbb 3 to smf and then to phpbb 2 and mybb ! great!
I Just started to look at the layout and scripts in mybb
The converter for smf can be done but i must have more information on the database structure
If you want to convert now from smf to mybb
First convert to phpbb3 and not phpbb2 that is becorse the passwords ar not converted and som more things if you convert to phpbb2
Convert smf to phpbb3 is no problem but it is needed to prepair the smf for the convert
If i have a beta version for convert smf to mybb hen i can have a look at it
I can make a howto convert smf/phpbb3/mybb if wanted
But bether a direct convert from smf to mybb

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