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My fourth theme. Everything mine except buttons made by ffw.

Use and distribute freely. Just say where you got it or where it originated from if you modify it.

Login to Admin CP > Themes > Import

Select "Browse..." and upload the theme's .XML file.

Put the pinkflowers forlder inside your images folder from the zip file via FTP.

So like images/pinkflowers/...


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This is your best theme yet. Very good job. Thanks for sharing!
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Wow, I like this theme best of yours. I looked at this tab in my browser and it said Pink Fl... It disappointed me when I found out it said Pink Flowers and not Pink Floyd Toungue.

Thanks for the share, once again! Big Grin
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pwettyful Smile
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One of your best themes yet . Your starting to get better everytime you release a theme and i hope you do release more theme Wink
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Yes I have 4 themes here.

light blue
broown and grey
pink flowers
obg theme

But I'm a little busy so this is it for now.

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