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You guys got a kinda huge problem with the buttons you're using here, see how looks a forum with some new buttons I've taken [ stolen ? RolleyesBig Grin] somewhere : [ Look at the Attachement ]

In this screenshot I changed the buttons to better looking ones, I changed the order the buttons "report post, edit, delete, quote" are displayed to a more logical one [ Quote -> Edit -> Delete -> Report ] [ according to me of course ], and changed the horrible way the IP-showing link was displayed, put it to a better location [ At the top ], and edited the template for having the IP directly displayed [ the way it's done in Invision Board ], acting as a link to the part of the mod panel getting the host associated to the post's IP.

To do so :

Open the Post Bit template.

Look for :
<tr><td class="trow">$posturl$icon<span class="smalltext"><strong> $post[subject]</strong></span>

Change it to :
<tr><td class="trow">$posturl$icon<span class="smalltext"><strong> $post[subject]</strong> | <b>IP :</b> $iplogged</span>

Look for the $iplogged which's placed over the $editedmsg, and then delete it in order to get rid of it.

Then open "postbit_iplogged_hiden", delete everything on it and put this instead :

<span class="smalltext"><a href="moderation.php?action=getip&amp;pid=$post[pid]">$post[ipaddress]</a></span>

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So the kinda huge problem is that the way it is now could be improved? Sounds like a little issue rather than a huge problem Toungue

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