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New political site
Well since I sold I have been sort of feeling left out of the political debate arena. I recently bought a great domain and have just today finished the skin. There might be some bells and whistles still added to the site but basically it's ready to go. I will probably redo the forum structure, add rules, and work on the sidebar slightly. If you take a look you can see I changed elements around in header and I really like the effect.

Comments (good or bad) are appreciated.

Politics Debate Forum
The theme looks great! I love the favicon and logo Big Grin
Quote:My Additional box
This is my first additional box using SideBoxes!.

You haven't removed that after 51 members? Toungue

Otherwise, great forum, incredible domain. Must've cost a bit....

Good luck with it,

The forums is a conversion from VB. It's dead and I really just wanted the domain which imho is excellent. Doesn't hurt to have some spider food though to get it started. I just added the sideboxes yesterday and redid the look but I had converted the site over a month ago. Takes time for me to get projects done sometimes.

Today I am hoping to add the bells and whistles and get this site really going.
Woah! Everything is great, from the domain, to your skin. Looks to be a successful site in the making.
Looks great... labrocca! Nice looking theme and awesome domain name. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks everyone. I have also added an arcade and awards to the site. I have modified the medals plugin so that members can view existing awards and who has them.
I still like the democracyforums style better, but that's my opinion.

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