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MadPHP Scripts
Hello all,

I just converted from phpBB to MyBB today. I havnt done much to it but I made some of my own little mods to the skin. Anyway, my site;, is a free PHP scripts site that doesnt have many scripts right now but one of them is a real big one. My biggest project is called the Nexus Site Engine or just Nexus for short. Nexus is a CMS (Content Management System) which can be intergrated into any premade template just by inserting 3 simple includes into the HTML and then saving it as index.php and your done. Right now we only have an Alpha of our latest version, v1.1. This is a biggy for us since all the other version kinda stunk. Anyway, my site is as I said before: and if you wanna check out the forums just go to: I would kinda like some more staff, in particualarly developers or in other words talented PHP coders to help me out. I currently have 2 other developers but I still desperatly need more help. So if you would like to help out, feel free. LOL. Anyway, thats all, I hope my site is of some help to you also. Big Grin
Nice, realy nice.

(Should try and build the template yourself, having one from zymic is pretty uncool)

and is the site itself powered by Nexus?

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