Fixed the Restrict Names and Title
Hey MyBB community, I was looking for a forum that would work with Joomla and Jfusion, and this was the only free one that did it. Once I tried it out I fell in love with it. Now only one problem, i needed to restrict names, so I found the restrict names and titles plugin:

Only problem was, it didn't search usernames created, for example:

If a restricted name was admin, a user could not register as "admin" but they could register as "Super Admin" or "Admin", or "Administrator" because they were not exact matches.

I did a bit of tweaking and here is an updated version that searches strings and ignores case, so in the file if you put RiCK in the array of searches, RiCK, rick, RICK, rICK are all forbidden.

Now this suites my needs for now, but I am willing to further develop this plugin to add an administrator backend section if the community is interested.

Well anyways here is the plugin, enjoy

Oh and of course all my thanks go out to labrocca the original creator of this plugin

This is what I call Version 2 of restrictnt.php because it was basically a rewrite, even though simple as it was, all you have to do is follow the install instructions that labrocca provides in the readme.txt contained in the archive.

I repackaged it and it is available for download below, Enjoy.

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