Admin Cp new feature.
I need someone for i can add a new feature to my board. i can change a new settings , with a text area and radio on off for display a scrolling texte belonw the welcom box if is possible. Toungue around like the board offline feature can some1 ? thanks
If I'm understanding your correctly, this should be do-able via a template edit. Look through the header template to see if it has what you want.

For scrolling text, you can use the <marquee> HTML tag.
yeah you understand me a bit. but i want a scrollbox to the template yes. but the message need to be editable and on/off option as the same of option called "board online/offline"
Use the welcome message mod and add <marquee>MESSAGE</marquee> in the editable box.
yes already done. but the problem i want an option in the Admin control pannel "On/Off" and an editbox to edit the message .. as the same of the board online offline feature. Big Grin
You can set the Welcome message to on/off and edit the the message from within the admin cp under - Board Settings * Change
Remember that <marquee> tags are deprecated and some browsers won't show them, or won't have as many features as some others.
He's asking for a message system that can put up a field where he can put up messages from the general config area. I'll whip up something in a few.

EDIT: actually, musicalmidget made one himself:
oh let's me trying this mod thanks guys Smile

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