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Couple Suggestions
Hey, a couple suggestions:

-Order the online list by last activity
-Use number_format() for larger integers such as total posts, members, etc.
(you order it by clicking Username/Location/Time/ on online.php manually.

2) Interesting idea. I'll see what I can do.
Right. An update on number 2. DennisTT made a new function for myBB which has allowed me to format all numbers on index.php, stats.php, global.php, search.php, and as many as I could find on usercp.php, private.php, member.php, forumdisplay.php, functions_post.php, and functions.php.

However, theres no way to to test it all or find unformatted numbers because I dont have over 10,000 posts/threads/members, and changing the stats using phpMyAdmin could stuff up a few things Confused So someone who has over that amount can test it when myBB Gold comes out. If I find any more, I'll make sure they get formatted Big Grin
Dude... just do something like...


mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "");

str_repeat(mysql_query("INSERT INTO [fields] VALUES [data]"), "10000");


Lol. That works for RC4, but I'm using myBB Gold SVN (the latest code available to coders Big Grin) and its slightly complicated. As well as doing that, I also have to adjust the cache templates/files, and then there is some things I can't fake without actualy posts (like it it counts from myBB_posts or something, then I have to have 1000+ post (which is just not worth it).
Oh cool Smile Thanks

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