Url Already Submited
oo soz http://www.google.com
Ok, this plugin will take the message, and if that message is already contained in any other message, it will show an error.

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wowww thanks just what i need
most of my forum members use word to link like this


could you make it so it searches that url not the word

How's this?

EDIT: added version for new topics, too

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it seems not to be working on myn i activated the plugin tried testing it with google and allowed it
You tried posting 2 links to google? It works for me.
ok it worked for post but i dont want that i want people to post the same words over and over again in the threads but only urls i want it to do in 2 forums can you come on http://xat.com/chat/room/27354484/ to help me please live chat
Many thanks,

That's a great idee !!!!!!

This little plug could be something very great for mybb......

And a must be for the future.

As said Labrocca the board could be very slow if there is a search request for all new post with url.

How about a mybb_database [link, #post, member, date] ?

I don't how it works exactly but i think, search request for this plug could be fast in big forums.

Many mods could be usefull with a database only for links in post.....

Create a badlist of links, forbid external link etc...

This plug is very interesting because we have a lot of edk link on my board.


The bolded part is the most important to check, because this kind of files can have many names for the same file or hash.
The red parts never change.

I think the change could be done there :
$query=$db->simple_select(TABLE_PREFIX."posts", "message", "message LIKE '%{$url}%'");
$result = $db->fetch_field($query, "message");

Is it possible ?

Because for now the search is in all the post of the board, it could be interesting to choose the category where to search.

Maybee there :
global $mybb,$db;

I would like a search only in forums : fid=8 , fid=13 for exemple.
And only in the first post of the thread.

Are these possible ?

And to finish : In case the search found the link already exist then submit the error with "link already existe in this post : [link to this post]

I thinks that's all Wink

Thanks Smile

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