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Blue Briar (a new forum)

Briar basically stands for a wild rose Toungue lol .. anywayz ... this is a forum i created recently to ful fill the dreams of a lil orphan girl (since she passed away its more a promise now) ... the forum is mainly on her intrest points but i have included other features as well ... the main topic is friendship & love (as she wanted it to be).

Home page (currently has a enter link to the forum which i'll hopefully edit in the future - the music on this page works with IE only & not on opera & safari havent checked with Fire fox.) this page might load slow for the slow internet users.

Direct link to forums (for slow internet users)

i hope to get comments & new ideas for improving the forum.

The theme is done by me Toungue impressed by FireFoxWiz as she has done great themes ^^

Hoping to see some comments soon.

with best wishes,
[Image: lovenotesigybv6.png]

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