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my forum [please look]
Name of Board:Gmod Fanatics
Board Link:
No of members/postsOur members have made a total of 4,236 posts in 1,893 threads.
We currently have 84 members registered.
Opening Date:Open
Genre:Gaming and geneal discussion
Description:Welcome to the world “Gmod Fanatics” we are here to help you. We are dedicated to help you have a better experience while playing Garry’s Mod, we will always help you with any problem that you may have! The games we support on this site is: - Orange Box (HL2, Team Fortress, and Portal). Garry's Mod 9, and 10. We hope you have a good laugh on the forums and please do enjoy yourself and don't forget to follow the rules! .Ok I've yakked on so of you go to the World of Gmod Fanatics

-The Gmod Fanatics Team
Might I suggest you re-think the background image. On my current monitor, (which is outrageously large) the image does not span the whole screen, and the green background colour begins to show.
Let me show you:

Edit: You also seem to be missing an image for "Rules"
ok thanks
do you know a way i could repeat it?

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