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[Winner]Last One To Post Wins Contest! [III]
I'm horrible at any forum contests, especially those where you must post and the last one who posts wins the price. Ah well, no harm in trying Big Grin
New update: The prizes for the theming contest had already been given but unfortunately I couldn't see the announcement. Furthermore, the Dynno company will be adding to this contests prize dramatically. Once we decide how much, I'll update my first post.

About everyone's posts

A couple of you said "I hope I win, and others with Sixth post, etc." I made that part of the rule in red so users can see it better. Since the contest just began, I'm letting you guys go with no warnings this time. However, please do abide to the rules. If I catch you next time it's going on paper. Wink

rh1n0 Wrote:
tristam Wrote:Many people might only be users and not programmers or good with graphics so a contest on such a topic wouldn't be such a great hit among ordinary users.
Which is basically what I said. Wink
Any suggestions for other kinds of competitions?

I was thinking of making this contest a modification contest but since 1.4 is coming out everyone would probably say "it's a waist of my time". After I started the contest though, I was thinking of making it "Last one to post loses". Toungue

HarryWx Wrote:Your normal forum word games, etc works as well. I actually havent had much luck with contest though. I once even ran a contest with a prize of $100.00 dollars a few yrs ago to get post counts and membership up and natta. All you had to do was get the most people to register and post ( not one liners ) and that was it. I dont bother with them anymore. The word games do atleast tend to keep people a little more active. Smile

That doesn't even work for me on my forums. Sad Even a count to ten contest and win $30 doesn't work. I have the thread to prove it too.

rh1n0 Wrote:How many posts do you guys think we'll get to this time?

The other contest got nearly 4,000 posts. The community was more active then though. This can be a mini contest within this contest to guess how many posts we can get in this thread. Users like Tristam are coming back for contests so we'll just wait 'n see.
Next time we could have a modifications contest (for 1.4.). Smile
[Image: destroyerjf8.jpg]

Give us your feedback about MyBB in this thread and become listed on the MyBB website.
destroyer Wrote:Next time we could have a modifications contest (for 1.4.). Smile

That would be a great idea. Invisionize gives out awards for the best modifications, ect. I think Mybb should either do that, or have a full out contest.
Quick Update:

My company Dynno, will be providing the prize now. The prize value has been tripled and will continue to increase based on the contest activity. You can view the first post to view the new value. Keep these posts coming guys!
I was away because I was not able to use MyBB that doesn't mean I was using any other thing I love MyBB.But I just didn't maintain any websites.Well this contest will spice things up for me.
[Image: Sign_Tristam.png]

[Image: trist.gif]
Yeah, a contest for best modification would be a great idea. Might inspire everyone to come out with the best they can do. I just love seeing new plugins get released. I enjoy trying them out on my forum. Big Grin

If I post in your thread, please do not PM me for more help! Thanks!

What does everyone think of GTA IV? I have got it for PS3 (PSN ID in sig) and I personally think it is awesome. I have just finished "Three Leaf Clover" and unlocked Alderney, so I have now got access to all of the islands. I'm currently doing the Text Message Cars, where you get a text message containing the location of a car and a picture of it, and you have to find it, steal it, and drive it to a garage in as near to perfect condition as you can. You then get money for each one you do. Smile

Footballman Wrote:I winToungue (not in the game- to the mortals who won't understand)
I have the least number of posts.
I have less posts than you (you have 69 posts whereas I have 52 posts). Big Grin

destroyer Wrote:Next time we could have a modifications contest (for 1.4.). Smile
If we did, then I would take part and write something for MyBB. I think that the CMS I am writing for MyBB would be a contender if I wrote a smaller version to distribute. Smile
I only have a PC but without a GFX card so I can't play it so I can't comment.
[Image: Sign_Tristam.png]

[Image: trist.gif]
Btw, does anyone know what happened to Kodaks? Haven't seen him on in a long time.

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