Hide plugin
It would be awesome with a hide plugin

Example :

Will display as :
"You Must Register to see the hidden content"

I saw there was a plugin like that the only thing was i couldn't disable half it's feature which was that everything got hidden without having to use the "[hide]" text

Would be awesome, thanks Smile
Time ago, some friends asked me for this kind of plugin, i developed something similar but never released to public as another plugin was yet available.

Here is my plugin, i hope this could help you.

You can choose the replace-pattern via Settings Editor, the setting group name is HideTag Settings, by default it is blank.

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Thanks a lot!
Nice....I am gonna use it but I removed the settings...would rather hard code than add a new setting.
THANK YOU flash.tato this is a great plugin, works fantastic!!

Edit: Damn actually work around is to quote, ah well decent plugin none the less.
There's one here that strips off the hidden text when multi-quoting/quoting via AJAX.

I think you should use the one by Asad Niazi as it handles also the AJAX quoting. Wink (Good work)

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