[Request] torrent plugin
i need a plugin when i attached a torrent file i can see how many seeds and Leechers on it
is that possible
if not
i'm used Btit torrent tracker script

is there any way to make Integration with it

the script web site is
and i'm using Version 1.4.7

i hope you can help me
thank you and sorry for my bad english
I was going to do this but recently torrents are coming under a LOT of attack. Hosts are shutting down torrent sites like crazy and recently a man was given a $111 million dollar judgement against him for his Torrent site.

i hope you make the hack soon
and thank you for your great help

and about the hosts shutdown the torrent site
i never saw any arabic forums shutdown becouse torrent files
and when i'm put torrent like attachment its not like using torrent script like torrentspy or isohunt
thank you for making the hack and advice
I'm too request this plugin.
I am also very much interested in this plugin. The main thing would be support for external trackers. On the other hand if you want to be on the safe side go for offshore hosting.

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