Lastmember usergroup colour on index page

I want the name of the last member on index page, to be colorized according to his/her membergroup colour.

I've tried to change this in index.php:
$newestmember = build_profile_link($stats['lastusername'], $stats['lastuid']);

Into this:
$newestmember = build_profile_link(format_name($stats['lastusername'], $stats['usergroup'], $stats['displaygroup']), $stats['lastuid']);
But nothing changed.

I guess i'm missing something ;P
Fortune and glory, kid...
Change it into this;

		$newmem = get_user($stats['lastuid']);
		$newestmember = build_profile_link(format_name($stats['lastusername'], $newmem['usergroup'], $newmem['displaygroup']), $stats['lastuid']); 

the usergroup and displaygroup aren't stored in the statscache.
Thanks.Big Grin
Fortune and glory, kid...

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