Not Solved MyPlaza Module - Critical error? (Income/Bank module)
Not Solved
Hello guys!

Today I deactivated the lottery module of MyPlaza.

I activated it again after a few minutes but when I wanted to change the options of the bank module there were no options shown.

There was only a headline "Bank Module" and the options "Submit" and "Reset" but there was nothing to change.

Also the income module.

I can see the headlines but no options to change.

How can this be?

I hope you can help me. ;-(

Not Solved
Can't someone help me? Undecided
Not Solved
I didn't write the lottery module, so I can't really say anything about it.

From what it sounds like, all MyPlaza related settings got deleted when you deactivated the lottery module, which means you'll probably have to deactivate MyPlaza and do everything again.

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