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(phpBB2) Not all users converted
phpBB2 to MyBB again. This is my final thread about this but I wanted to keep the issues separate for clarity. Move this to general support if you feel it's more appropriate.

Of my 2000 users there were 20 that did not get converted. There was nothing special about these ones and but they were always not converted after multiple attempts. Their threads were there but the poster was listed as unregistered.

To fix this what I had to do was copy these users into a new table and run the conversion again, but with the same MyBB target database. Dependent tables had to be copied as well. With only 20 users in this phpBB2 table it converted these into my target database and fixed the problem. This shows there was nothing special about these people, they just weren't getting picked up for some reason.

The side effect of this was the threads and posts by these 20 users would still be show them as unregistered. To fix this I ran two update queries to reconnect the threads and posts to the newly added users. Anyone else experiencing unlinked users will find this useful.

UPDATE mybb_threads,mybb_users SET mybb_threads.uid = mybb_users.uid WHERE mybb_threads.uid=0 AND mybb_threads.username=mybb_users.username

UPDATE mybb_posts,mybb_users SET mybb_posts.uid = mybb_users.uid WHERE mybb_posts.uid=0 AND mybb_posts.username=mybb_users.username
yup, i have the same problem, but i only have about 100 users, it only doesn't import the newest registered one, as far as i can tell anyway, and this is using the PHPBB3 merger

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