Not Solved starting new thread problem
Not Solved
everytime i start a new thread i get this
MySQL error: 1054
Unknown column 'moneypoints' in 'field list'
Query: UPDATE mybb_users SET lastpost='1211830576', postnum=postnum+1,moneypoints=moneypoints+10 WHERE uid='2'
Not Solved
You seem to be having a few SQL errors, this one looks like it's caused by a plugin. What plugins do you have installed?
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Not Solved
Emergency Message System

Ad Managment system

April Fools Plugin

Banned Users Page

Board Message

Quick Buddylist

Chat Box Iframe

Default Profile

Douple Post Auto Merger

Downloads Section

Dynamic Metas

Show Events on Index

Game Section

HP / MP / EXP Statistics

Inventory Shop

invite new user

IPLog Plugin

Groups legend

Mod User Notes

Board Money Points


Show the users that has been online today

Private Message Report System

Posts Required To View Forums
Post Please!

Reputation Manager

Resolved or Not Resolved Prefix

Rules Page

SEO Links!


Referral in Profile

Spam Central

Thread Descriptions

Thank you

Quick Reply TypeBox Plugin

Forum Warnings

Welcome Message
Not Solved
From the error, I'm guessing the cause is the "Board Money Points" plugin.
Not Solved
Fixed thanks

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