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Ok, I want to have like the general forum starts gointo an iframe that i have on everypage. I know one thing i will have to do is change the iframes file to a .php file, and i will need to put <?php and ?> before and after the code. Can anyone help me with getting the forum stats into this file?

Stats i want:

Total Posts
Total Members
Newest Member (only 1 member)
And If possible
Most users online Date/Time.
You can always use the built in MyBB statistics page?

Just link to it in the header. Just remember that the iframe tag isn't supported by all browsers. Smile
The thing is i dont want to link that, I want the stats to appear by them selves.


Most ever online: 18
Total Member: 56
Total Posts: 1500
ect. ect...
Hm, I'm at work and haven't gotten a chance to look at the RC3 code yet.

If you are familiar with PHP/MySQL you could probably make a few custom queries to the MyBB database to pull this information on another page.

I'd have to check when I get home though.

The thing is that the variables for each statistic are already in the stats.php file, so you would have to grab them and parse them to display on your own page.
Hmm, Well im pretty familiar with MySQL, but no to much so with PHP as MySQL has taken a little more time to learn and im still not done learning it.

Thanks for your help
Just like what i use?

Members: $membersnum Threads: $threadsnum Posts: $postsnum<br />
Welcome to our newest member, <b>$newestmember</b>

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