how i can deactive all mycodes but some of them?(is there any plugin 4 that?)
i want to deactive some mycodes (not all of them) how can i do that?
	$forum = $db->fetch_array($db->query("SELECT allowhtml, allowmycode, allowimgcode, allowsmilies FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."forums WHERE fid='".$thread['fid']."' AND active!='no'"));
	$post = $db->fetch_array($db->query("SELECT t.*, p.* FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."threads t LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts p ON (t.tid = p.tid) WHERE t.tid='".$thread['tid']."' AND "));
	$parser_options = array(
	    'allow_html' => $forum['allowhtml'],
	    'allow_mycode' => $forum['allowmycode'],
	    'allow_smilies' => ($post['smilieoff'] == "yes") ? "no" : $forum['allowsmilies'],
	    'allow_imgcode' => $forum['allowimgcode'],
	    'filter_badwords' => 'yes',
4 example in that script all of mycodes can be actived or deactived
If you want to remove some MyCodes, it can be done in inc/class_parser.php

I can't say more, since you didn't specify what you want deleted.
i just want to delete </br > <align> and <strong> code only in this plugin (not in all of my forum)

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