i want to see contents in mybb editor like other editors
i know a editor (hoteditor) has been made 4 this but i want just my editor be like this(not as advanced as hot editor)
Some one help me
i don't want to have a advanced editor ijust want to have a editor like MS-WORD , VBulletin-EDITOR and etc.
Just remove the buttons you do not want from hot editor, i believe they are just in a javascript file and you can just remove the tags for the buttons you don't want.
no i don't said "i don't want hoteditor because it have very buttons"
some of my friends used hoteditor and many problems occured for their forums like=unknown errors , loosing data and loosing posts and threads
if they are right i had to ignore the hot editor
Why the mybb support team don't created a trustable editor the owns?
Cause it aint needed. Only few want 'fancy orange'.
LeX- Wrote:Cause it aint needed. Only few want 'fancy orange'.

that´s not true

hoteditor is a great feature to mybb, my Users like it a lot

but the poor support of them it´s the big problem

wysiwyg editor for me is a feature needed like a mod to mybb 1.4 as smf 2.0 Beta has this option installed by default

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