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Thanks Chris,Thanks Mybb Team..

It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to ask.

sory for my english .
Love it. Angel.

Everything about it is great. Especially the looks.
Hmm...it made everyone's avatars smaller, but I do like the horizontal postbit. Big Grin

edit: But why am I showing as offline? Shouldn't my little blue person be green up there?
edit again: Never mind. I guess blue is online now? Grey is still offline. LOL

If I post in your thread, please do not PM me for more help! Thanks!

The new login part does not seems to work with the passwort manager from Opera (v. 9.27 and 9.5 Snapshot 10051).



OK, looks like a refresh problem...

By Clicking on "Login" on index.php nothing happend...after clicking the "Reload" Button on my browser, the password manager Button is visible & clickable but this don't help, after clicking "Login" again on index.php, I can login with the password manager...
Good job, letting us work with the beta Smile

Aren't there any MyCode-Buttons in the editor?

sometimes it seems to be good, to turn on javascript. Wink
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Will there be help files for any template changes?
I've a few custom templates that I will really need to make sure I don't start from scratch with.
Or will it be easier to simply swap out images?

What about all the plugins that are installed on many sites?

Will they too be affected?

Will there be cheat sheets available to update all this info?

When the upgrade comes along, will ALL plugins need to be turned off and custom themes need to be switched to default for the best results in upgrading? How will it affect all customized stuff then? Or not?
Will we be able to upgrade our forums, but keep it in the same directory?
Looks great! Can't wait to download it! Big Grin
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(2008-06-09, 02:21 PM)Tikitiki Wrote:
(2008-06-09, 02:14 PM)Snappo Wrote:
(2008-06-09, 02:13 PM)Tikitiki Wrote:
(2008-06-09, 02:10 PM)Snappo Wrote: Is this the new default theme? & I wouldn't mind to beta test Toungue

I see no difference between the last style wise.

The postbit

That's called a new feature, not a new theme.

How the hell was i meant to know that? It now looks like the default postbit for vB.

Kudos on that

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